Sasha Hall

Sasha Hall

Sasha Hall In The Crack

Sasha takes her top and bra off to go fully naked for her masturbation session. She uses a small tongue shaped vibrator to stimulate her clitoris. There's a few different positions including a bend over pose though the biggest portion has her leaning back against the couch with her ass hovering off the edge of the couch. It takes her quite a long time to work up to an orgasm, sometimes with not a lot happening but with some really beautiful pussy and ass views along the way. When she finally reaches an orgasm, even though she is somewhat subdued, it is fairly obvious with clearly visible muscle contractions around the vagina and anus area. There's a nice pussy spread at the end although she doesn't quite gape the vagina.

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Sasha Hall Fucking For Passion HD In A Very Hot & Erotic Scene

Sasha Hall Passion HD

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